Freedom to Choose

Ms Devos, is showing her lack of understanding of the deeper issues.

“School choice” means different things in different areas of the country.

In Utah, school choice means strengthening our public education options, in some areas of the country; it can serve as a means of re-segregation public institutions.  Historically Black colleges were indeed founded as a work around against restrictive Jim-Crow laws.  Lack of equal opportunity is still a sad fact in much of our great nation.  This press release by Secretary Devos is a muted version of the same practices that necessitated the creation of these institutions in the first place.  What we have in Utah for school choice is unique to our needs, pushing a nationwide school choice initiative takes away our local control.  Secretary Devos’ plan will result in a tiered system of various levels that will result in an inequity for our children.


As Utahans we should instead fight to preserve our meritocracy by showing a commitment to all children, and work to develop solutions that strengthen public education.  This is why I support giving local municipalities the control to select educational options appropriate for their children, free from corporate influence.  In Utah, that solution should include more flexibility of choice; in other areas their solutions should be locally appropriate.



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