Meet Danny Drew, Candidate for US Senate

Danny is a Utah native, husband, father, educator andDanny_and_family.jpg public servant.  He has spent his adult life serving others, and his community. In addition to his work as an educator, he is actively involved in charity efforts, his church, and projects throughout his community.

What Danny wants most is to serve, those of us who know him can attest to that.  He never slows down, and is always seemingly willing to help anyone who asks. 

So when we asked, he said yes!

He would go, if the path was made, he would go to Washington and be a reasoned voice for the people of Utah.

His thought process is simple:
Just as the United States is exceptional in the world, Utah and her people are exceptional in the United States.  They deserve a Senator who will represent their best interests who is....

  • Not a Washington insider 
  • Not a politician
  • Not beholden to PACS and lobbyists
  • Someone who knows education and how to fix it
  • What's New

    If only he had meant what he said.

    Orrin Hatch ran on the premise of term limits and being a Washington DC outsider.  Now he is the epitome of "insider", if only he had meant what he said and pushed for term limits!

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  • Whose Seat Is it?

    This Senate Seat belongs to Utah and her citizens.  It is not a possession for a person or politician to “give away.”

    The Salt Lake Tribune made an excellent point in their editorial this week.  The Senate Seat for Utah is not a possession, nor is it something to be given away or a title to be ordained upon a successor, and pretending it is Hatch's right or duty to do so cheapens the democratic process.





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  • Trump Begs Hatch

    Removes_Republican_Competition.PNGAfter getting rid of his potential competition with the Russian Ambassadorship, Trump begs Hatch to stay and continue to "Rubber Stamp" his policies...


    I am no Rubber Stamp Man,
    I am a Utahan!


    I will evaluate every issue independently and make decisions based on what is best for Utah, Utahans and the citizens of the United States.


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  • Freedom to Choose

    Ms Devos, is showing her lack of understanding of the deeper issues.

    “School choice” means different things in different areas of the country.

    In Utah, school choice means strengthening our public education options, in some areas of the country; it can serve as a means of re-segregation public institutions.  Historically Black colleges were indeed founded as a work around against restrictive Jim-Crow laws.  Lack of equal opportunity is still a sad fact in much of our great nation.  This press release by Secretary Devos is a muted version of the same practices that necessitated the creation of these institutions in the first place.  What we have in Utah for school choice is unique to our needs, pushing a nationwide school choice initiative takes away our local control.  Secretary Devos’ plan will result in a tiered system of various levels that will result in an inequity for our children.


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  • Making More Progress

    D_for_U.pngFantastic news!  Yesterday the campaign heard back from the FEC.  This exciting development was the last step to pulling our online presence together.

    What it means is simple…

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